Proper shoe care has a whole host of benefits, not just for the health of your children’s feet but also for your bank account!

By looking after and properly caring for your child’s shoes, you reduce the need for quick replacements and make sure that the shoes are in the best condition to provide the support and protection that your children's feet need.

To help our customers care for their new shoes properly and effectively, we’ve included some top tips for proper shoe care below.

Top tips for effective kid’s shoe care

As professional children's shoe fitters, we understand the importance of good shoe care.

Children are constantly spending time outdoors; running on grass, stomping in mud and splashing through puddles. Therefore, it’s only natural that their shoes become dirty, scuffed, and wet over time. If we want to encourage our children to live an active, outdoor lifestyle, this can’t be helped. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something to protect their shoes and feet.

By enforcing proper shoe care, we can prevent those brand-new shoes from quickly becoming ruined, broken and uncomfortable. This will have a positive effect on our kid’s natural foot development and will limit the need to splash out on more new pairs of shoes.

To keep your kid’s brand-new shoes looking and feeling their best, we recommend the following children’s shoe care tips:

Rotate their shoes

Have your child alternate between at least two pairs of shoes to give them time to air out and dry between wears. This will help to prevent odours and prolong the life of the shoes.

The most common way of doing this is to have different shoes for difference occasions, i.e. sports shoes, school shoes, trainers for after school activities etc.

Clean them regularly

Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the exterior of the shoes, and remove any dirt or debris from the soles to help keep your child’s shoes looking and feeling their best.

If the shoes are leather, then give them a regular polish and apply a waterproof spray, as this will help keep them protected and make sure they last for as long as possible. This is particularly important to do over the winter months when shoes can quickly become damaged and worn due to the poor weather.

We do not recommend machine washing, as this can lead to damage and discolouring, unless specified by manufacturer.

Store them properly

Try your best to keep shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This will ensure they don’t expand or contract, whilst the avoidance of direct sunlight will keep the colour and material looking bright and fresh

However, you should also avoid storing them in closed, un-aired cupboards which can create a damp atmosphere and potentially encourage mould. Storing and looking after shoes properly can also be a good habit to get your child into, as it encourages organisation and responsibility!

Regularly check their fit

As your child grows, you should regularly check the fit of their shoes to make sure their feet still have proper support and room to move. If you find your kid’s feet have outgrown the shoes, you should consider replacing them, so as not to stunt growth and foot development.

Here is our guide to when you are due a fit check:

  • Pre Walkers – Every 6-8 weeks
  • 1st Shoes – Every 3 months
  • Pre-School – Every 3-4 months
  • School years – Every 6 months

Use protective sprays

Protective sprays and waxes are great products to use to help protect shoes from the elements!

Use a water-resistant spray or wax upon purchase to protect new shoes from rain and snow, and remember to regularly spray them every month to keep them looking their best throughout their life-cycle.

By following some (or all!) of the above tips, you can prolong the life of your child's new shoes and keep them looking clean and sparkly for as long as possible. Proper shoe care will also be key in providing the support and protection that your children’s feet need so that they can develop and grow in a healthy and natural way.

For more professional shoe care advice, contact Ruby Ruby Shoes today and we'll be happy to provide you with our expert shoe care advice.

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