Following on from opening our lady's shoe shop, Ruby Tuesday, we identified a gap in the market for quality fitted children’s shoes. There was a real lack in the area of children’s shoe suppliers who fitted and measured children’s feet to promote long-term foot health.

Enter Ruby Ruby.

As parents ourselves, we had always struggled with the constant battle of sourcing well-fitting shoes for our children. We found that all-too-often our kid’s feet developed blisters and quickly became sore and squished in the shoes they had only just been recommended.

We also felt that the experience at these established children’s shoe shops was far from optimal. Our own children never felt comfortable when being fitted and the service never seemed personal or to have a genuine focus on foot health. We always got the impression that it was very much a quick sale and “on to the next one” when visiting these stores as parents and shoppers.

With that in mind, we set out to do things differently.

Mandy and Georgia assessing shoes

The aim of Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby Shoes quickly established ourselves with the goal of providing a friendly yet highly professional children’s shoe service, with a firm focus on children being fitted correctly.

Our goal is to communicate our genuine love and care for children by making sure their feet are comfortable, healthy and nurtured in the long-term.

Through professional qualifications from the Society of Shoe Fitters and many years of experience in the industry, our staff have built up an unrivaled level of knowledge when it comes to fitting shoes for children’s feet, which, in turn, has helped us achieve our initial goals.

Through our services, we aim to help our local community and provide a beneficial shoe service that makes a true difference to every customer that comes through our shop door.

We’ve also taken measures to stock a variety of quality shoe brands so that we can offer our customers an excellent choice when it comes to both children's and lady’s shoes.

Our commitment to children’s health

Honesty is at the heart of everything we do at Ruby Ruby. We’ll never recommend shoes that are not appropriate for your child’s feet or pressure you into buying shoes you do not need. We pride ourselves on offering honest, supportive advice that will promote a healthy and active lifestyle among young children, teens and adults.

Our feet are the foundation for the rest of our lives. Often, we take our feet for granted but just consider how important it is to have healthy, pain-free feet, and what a hindrance it would be to have uncomfortable feet with endless problems.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the shoes that we wear as children and teens have a significant impact on how our feet develop, so let’s start taking the proper measures to care for our children’s feet just as we do with our own!

A simple step you can take to make sure your children’s feet are well looked after and properly cared for is by having them measured by honest, professional shoe fitters.

Book an appointment online today and bring your child along to our welcoming store in Dunblane where we’ll make sure their feet are professionally and accurately measured. This allows parents to then choose the perfect pair of shoes that will ensure their child’s feet are strong, healthy and comfortable as they continually grow and develop.

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Bring your children along to our store in Dunblane for a fun and immersive shoe fitting service!

With an enchanted forest theme and a high level of expert (and friendly!) customer service, both you and the little ones will enjoy the shopping experience offered at our store. Most importantly though, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the type and size of shoes needed to help keep your children’s feet happy.

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